Healthy hearts

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By Jean EvansEarly Years consultant and author

Encourage children to think about healthy hearts with these lively activities!

Ribbon heart

Activities in this article:

  1. What shall I do?
  2. Active hearts
  3. The Hare and the Tortoise
  4. Active or restful?
  5. Puffing and panting
  6. Musical hearts
  7. Move like the wind
  8. I sent a Valentine to my love

1. What shall I do?

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Early learning goal: Dress and undress independently and manage their own personal hygiene.

What to do

  • Invite the children to take part in vigorous exercise, without removing jumpers and cardigans, until everyone is out of breath, but not exhausted.
  • Ask what the children notice about changes in their bodies, such as faster heart beats, panting, feeling out of breath, having a dry mouth and feeling warm.
  • Discuss appropriate things to do when we experience these changes, such as taking off jumpers, having a rest and a drink.
  • Try out these things to see what happens when we do them.
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