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By Huw Thomasheadteacher and writer

Explore crimes, clues and mysteries, and engage children in storytelling with this Key Stage 2 creative topic

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Detective stories include all-important descriptions providing clues to solve a crime – making them a fantastic topic for children where they create their own stories and descriptions. In this topic, explore the mysterious world of sleuths and suspects, making links with literacy, drama and art.


Key Stage 2

  1. Detective’s notebook
  2. Create a detective
  3. Freeze scene
  4. The Rosa Diamond
  5. Meet Sherlock Holmes
  6. Solve the crime
  7. Create a mystery

Key Stage 1

  1. Clues and solutions
  2. Identikit

1. Detective’s notebook

You can create simple detective’s notebooks by stapling paper into black card covers. Once made, they become the gathering place for all the notes that children make during this topic. As a starter, encourage children to look around the classroom and school undertaking a simple ‘clues’ task in which they experiment with noticing things that tell us what someone has been up to.

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