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By Hilary Whiteeducational and craft writer

Inspire your children to create some entertaining games to extend their enjoyment of the big top and stimulate their imagination

Little boy painting

Activities in this article:

  1. Movable harlequin acrobat
  2. Juggler skittles
  3. Clown mask
  4. At the big top
  5. Big top patterns

1. Movable harlequin acrobat

Harlequin puppet

You will need

Coloured card, paint, felt pens, brads or split pins, and a wooden stick.

What to do

  1. Cut out a body, a head with a neck and eight separate sections to make the jointed arms and the legs.
  2. Paint the body parts and stick on diamond shapes to create a harlequin pattern. Trim off any shapes overlapping the edge of the body parts.
  3. Using paint, felt pen or collage, add a face and hair.
  4. Join the pieces together with brads so that the limbs can be moved into different positions.
  5. Attach the body of the acrobat to a wooden stick.
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