The Little Red Hen

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By Tracey BrandEditor of Nursery Education PLUS

Poor old Little Red Hen! She seeks help from her farmyard friends, but to no avail, she must do each task independently…

Little Red Hen

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  1. Help others?
  2. Baking bread
  3. Cross-curricular links

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Editor of Nursery Education PLUS, Tracey, introduces our ‘Once upon a time’ themed activities and offers more ideas for exploring the topic with your children:

‘Poor old Little Red Hen! She seeks help, but to no avail – she must do each task independently. This is a great story to develop empathy and to help children to understand that people have different feelings and that others’ actions can have an impact upon them. Young children will marvel over the journey of a loaf of bread from a small planted wheat grain to a bag of flour. You may even be lucky enough to arrange a visit to a local bakery or supermarket bread department to see the process actually happening.’

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1. Help others?

Empathise with the Little Red Hen

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Development matters: Express their feelings within warm, mutual, affirmative relationships (8–20 months); Explore from the security of a close relationship with a caring and responsive adult (16–26 months).

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