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By Deborah Sharpeeducation writer

One of the difficulties of putting on a class play is that all children want to be the hero, the princess or the dragon. It can also be time-consuming to select a play of the right length and level. In this project, children decide on the characters and everyone creates the story for the play.

Skull and crossbones

Choosing characters to play

The first step is to explain that you are all going to create a play together and that you want the children to think of characters or objects that they would like to be. Give them some examples such as animals, fantasy creatures, traffic, trees, plants, buildings, signs, furniture or specific items such as a clock or a saucepan.

Point out that it would be difficult to have a play with every single person playing something different, so each table group should think of one main character and a group. For example, they could choose a lion tamer and some lions, a pirate captain and his crew, a toadstool and some elves, a lighthouse and some boats or even someone well known like the Doctor (from Doctor Who) and some monsters. You could decide on a theme such as Christmas or winter, or leave that until you start creating the story and let them all have free reign with their imaginations.

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