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October is Black History Month. Use the following activities and resources to celebrate this important awareness event

Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks (citizenship)

Use the inspirational story of Rosa Parks to discuss the issue of racism and other forms of discrimination with your class. In 1955 in Alabama, USA, Rosa Park, a 42-year-old black woman, refused to give up her bus seat when asked to by a white man. She was arrested and convicted but her stand caused a boycott of the buses by the black community. Explain to the children that at this time in America, black people were believed to be inferior to white, and so were not awarded the same rights.

Hold a class discussion: Do you think it was fair that black people had fewer rights than white? How do they think that this made black people feel? Why do they think Rosa Parks defied the law on that day knowing that she would be arrested? What effect do they think her actions had? Alternatively, you (or perhaps a TA or volunteer) could role play being Rosa and invite the children to ask you questions.

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