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By Lorraine Frankishearly years tutor and NVQ assessor

Recall past events in the children’s lives and enjoy sharing them together.

baby with birthday cake

Sharing memories

Most children enjoy telling others about a special event in their lives. This can be encouraged by inviting them to remember what happened and asking them to describe it for the group. Ask the children to talk about their feelings about the event, as well as the facts, and encourage them to give their own opinions. This will provide opportunities for them to revisit their memories and begin to order their thoughts in relation to the events that have taken place. It is important for the children to be able to share their experiences with others, as reflecting in this way will involve them in retelling, as well as listening and thinking. Provide a range of objects as a springboard for this type of discussion to help any children who are not yet ready for abstract thought.

Suggested resources

Video tapes or photographs of special events are ideal for triggering memories and sparking discussion; memorabilia such as greeting cards, wrapped gift boxes, programmes and leaflets to encourage the children to discuss special days and visits; birthday charts, calendars and diaries displayed to help the children reflect on the past.

1 Happy birthday

Hold a pretend birthday party to mark the passage of time

Creative Development

Developing Imagination and Imaginative Play

Development matters: engage in imaginative play and role-play based on own first-hand experiences (30-50 months); play alongside other children who are engaged in the same theme (40-60+ months).

Early learning goal: use their imagination in art and design, music, dance, imaginative and role-play and stories.

What you need

Group size: eight children. Table and chairs; play food; birthday cake made from salt dough (leave holes for birthday candles); birthday candles cut from drinking straws; dolls’ tea set or paper party plates, dishes and cups; paper tablecloth; balloons and streamers; birthday napkins; different-sized boxes covered in wrapping paper to represent presents; CD or tape player and music.

What to do

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