Fantasy flights

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By Louise Richmondteaching assistant in a Reception class

The sky’s the limit as you use these activities to create fantasy flights with your children and inspire their imaginations

Girl on a broomstick

Activities in this article:

  1. Broomstick adventures
  2. Magic carpet
  3. Pegasus

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Editor of Nursery Education PLUS, Tracey, introduces our ‘Sky high’ themed activities and offers more ideas for exploring the topic with your children:

‘Take off with these wonderful activities that will bring a magical touch into your setting. Why not extend the fantasy element by creating an enchanted fairy tale land or little witches’ and wizards’ school? There are so many opportunities to encourage children to develop their own imaginative stories or create fantastic spells. Where will their magic carpet take them once they have designed it? Venture into the mythical world with Pegasus and our online-only ‘Pegasus talk about cards. Gallop and fly around your outdoor spaces!’

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1. Broomstick adventures

Choose a companion for some fun

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Dispositions and Attitudes

Development matters: Begin to develop self-confidence and a belief in themselves (22–36 months); Show confidence in linking up with others for support and guidance (30–50 months).

Early learning goal: Be confident to try new activities, initiate ideas and speak in a familiar group.

Group size: Six to eight children.

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