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By Anne KeelingInternational Primary Curriculum

Learn about learning with the International Primary Curriculum

Child learning

There are a lot of extra brains in the Year 5 classroom at Bransgore Primary School at the moment; big and small, some made from clay, others from paper. They were created as part of the ‘Learning to Learn’ unit that kicked off the school year back in September and are still having an impact on the children – and teacher Richard Warren – today.

Learning to learn

‘Learning to Learn’ is one of the units of learning from the “International Primary Curriculum (links to an external site): and, says Richard, it really helps the children to develop an understanding of how they learn. ‘It’s very apparent that if the children understand how and why they learn, and understand that each one of them can and does learn in a different way, then they’re more accepting of themselves and each other. They also take more interest and control of their own learning progress,’ he says. ‘It’s the same for me as a teacher; understanding how children learn means that I can make all the difference to the learning that is going on.’

Looking for learning

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