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Anthony Browne: Gorillas and my dad

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By Rob

Explore the work of Children’s Laureate, Anthony Browne, with this video and activities

Anthony Browne interview

These activities accompany the video interview with Anthony Browne, in which he discusses gorillas and his relationship with his dad.

Key Stage 1

Anthony tells us that one reason he likes gorillas is that they remind him of his father. Sketch a gorilla on one side of the whiteboard or flipchart and Anthony Browne’s dad on the other. Watch the section of film again where Anthony is asked about gorillas and ask the children to note down the reasons why his dad reminds him of a gorilla. Annotate the drawings with words used by Anthony, for example: powerful, fierce, gentle.

Ask the children if they were an animal, what would they be? Ask them to provide a valid reason for their choice. You may need to model this by providing your own example.

After verbal exploration, give the children large sheets of paper folded in half and ask them to draw themselves, or a friend or sibling, on one side and the animal on the other. Ask them to annotate their drawing with words and phrases to describe the animal and the person.

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  1. nabiha
    on 6 February 2016

    the tunnel

    I tink Anthony browne tells us lots of important things

  2. Tobias
    on 11 January 2015

    into the forest

    very good