Parachute play

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By Jean EvansEarly Years consultant and author

Fly high and develop soaring confidence with these fun active games


Activities in this article:

  1. A cosy den
  2. Under the mushroom
  3. Five little teddy bears

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1. A cosy den

Use a parachute to create a cosy space

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Development matters: Feel safe and secure within healthy relationships with key people (8–20 months); Show increasing confidence in new situations (30–50 months).

Early learning goal: Respond to significant experiences, showing a range of feelings when appropriate.

Group size: Up to eight children.

What you need

A small or medium-sized parachute.

What to do

Spread the parachute on the floor and invite the children to sit around it. Explain that you are going to use the parachute to make a den and ask for suggestions as to how you might do this.

Ask the children to stand up, hold the edge of the parachute tightly and lift it high into the air. Do this several times before asking children to lift it over their heads and then to sit down, tucking the parachute edges underneath them to create an enclosed bubble shape.

Talk about how it feels to be enclosed in the den with a group of friends. Do the children feel safe? Do their voices sound different? Do the parachute colours create different light effects?


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    On The Move Circle time Cards

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