Summer celebrations

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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer

Prepare for summer fun with these activities based on fairground games and teddy bears’ picnics


Activities in this article:

  1. Plan a picnic
  2. Holiday time
  3. Coconut shy

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1. Plan a picnic

Send invitations and prepare snacks and games for a fun-filled teddy bears’ picnic

Communication, Language and Literacy

Language for Communication

Development Matters: Understand simple sentences (16–26 months); use a widening range of words to express or elaborate on ideas (30–50 months).

Early Learning Goal: Enjoy listening to and using spoken and written language, and readily turn to it in their play and learning.

Group size: Small groups.

What you need

Pens; pencils; paper; teddy bears; large blankets or rugs; a large basket or box; outdoor toys and games; picnic food; a safe and secure outside area.

What to do

Talk with the children about picnics and encourage them to identify what they would need for a teddy bears’ picnic – equipment, food and teddy bears! Help them write simple invitations for a summer’s day picnic (see ‘More resources!’, below).

Remind the parents/carers to make sure that their child’s teddy doesn’t forget to come to the setting on the day! Invite children to help assemble equipment for the picnic; for example, large blankets or rugs to sit on, baskets or boxes to store food and drink, and a selection of toys and games to play outside. Help children make picnic food, such as fresh sandwiches, slices of fruit, vegetable sticks, fairy cakes and bottled water. Encourage the children to help arrange the items outside ready for their picnic.

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