Sunny delights

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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer

Imaginative activities to make the most of the season’s very best produce

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Activities in this article:

  1. Seasonal flowers
  2. Fancy fruit
  3. Ten crunchy carrots

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1. Seasonal flowers

Make some beautiful summer flower models that move

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Designing and Making

Development Matters: Are curious and interested in making things happen (22–36 months); join construction pieces together to build and balance (30–50 months).

Early Learning Goal: Select the tools and techniques they need to shape, assemble and join materials they are using.

Group size: Small groups.

What you need

Real flowers and pictures of summer plants; bendy straws and pipe-cleaners; a selection of different types of coloured paper and card; colourful fabric; coloured film; foil; sticky tape; paper fasteners; washable glue; child scissors; mark-making and painting equipment.

What to do

Look at a selection of real flowers with the children, for example, a bunch of summer flowers or a patio pot of flowers outside your setting. Talk about the way some flower-heads bend low on delicate stems, some flowers sway gently in the breeze and some flowers appear to bob, bounce and swivel on bending stalks. Invite the children to use a wide range of construction tools and materials to make a simple fantasy flower that bends, bobs and swivels on its stem.

Help the children to use balls of scrunched tissue or shapes cut from card or fabric to represent flower-heads. Encourage them to explore what happens when ‘flower-heads’ of different weights and sizes are placed on the end of a pretend stem, for example, strips of card, bendy straws or pipe-cleaners? When complete, place the fantasy flowers in a plastic vase, pretty basket or flower box to create a summer-themed display for your setting.


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