Outdoor fun in June

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By Rose Joycetrainer and facilitator at Learning through Landscapes

As thoughts turn to holidays and trips to the seaside, have fun with these activities while staying safe

Boy watering plants

Activities in this article:

Build a sandcastle


Using your outdoor sand area encourage the children to make a ‘perfect’ sandcastle. Try to make sure that the sand is very dry to start off with. Can the children fill their bucket? What happens when they turn their bucket upside down to make a castle with dry sand? Show them how they can slowly add water to the sand and mix it in. Feel the sand and water as they are mixed together. Do the children notice any other changes? Try making sandcastles now. Does it work? Put some sand in a separate tray and allow the children to put in even more water so that the sand is really sloppy and runny. Can they make a castle with it? How does it feel now?

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