St George’s Day

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This week’s assembly is about St George’s Day and other people who lived an especially good life.

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By Taissa Csákyeducation writer

In this assembly…

Key ideas

  • 23 April is St George’s Day. St George is the Patron Saint of England.
  • ‘Saint’ is a title given to people in the Christian church who have lived exceptionally good or spiritual lives.
  • The story of ‘St George and the dragon’ is a legend, but represents characteristics people found important in the middle ages when he was chosen as a Patron Saint. He is represented as a courageous fighter who battles with evil and defends the weak.
  • The presentation compares the story of St George with the lives of St Francis and Mother Teresa. While St George might be admired for his heroism, St Francis is noted for gentleness and generosity and Mother Teresa for her selfless work for others.
  • Many faiths commemorate the lives of respected individuals. It is worth finding out about these people, as their lives can offer good ideas for how we can live our own lives.
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