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By Tracy GeneverEducation Development Manager, The Blue Cross

Engage your class in some cross-curricular learning with activities themed around animals and their welfare

Boy and guinea pig

National Pet Month runs from 3 April to 3 May. The aim of the Month is to champion responsible pet ownership and educate people about our feathered, furry and sometimes scaly best friends. The theme of animals is a great topic that children will not only love, but will also engage them in various subjects across the curriculum. We provide dip-in activity ideas that link in with literacy, art, drama, PSHE, ICT and poetry.

Don’t forget to check out the Child Ed PLUS resource bank for lots more pet- and animal-themed activities that makes links to subjects such as science. In particular, our Key Stage 2 ‘Grammar’ and ‘Punctuation Safari Park’ series use a safari-park scenario to build children’s confidence in these areas.

Grammar safari park - adverbs and pronouns interactive


  1. Pets all alone
  2. Acting like an animal
  3. Animals in 3D
  4. Researching pets
  5. Pet poetry
  6. Literature reviews
  7. National Pet Month assembly
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