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By Brenda Williamspoet and children’s writer

Original article published March 2010

Use Brenda Williams’ poem, ‘The Dragon Kite’, as the basis for some cross-curricular learning on the theme of shape.

A dragon © Russ Daff/Beehive Illustration

Shape is a wonderful topic; it encourages children to look at the world around them and provides opportunities for learning in a variety of subjects. This topic is based on a shape poem about a kite, and includes links to literacy, numeracy, dance and art.

Before listening to or reading the poem (see the Poster and Audio poster ) cover the title and ask the children to guess what it is about. How do they know? Establish that the shape and the tail have given them a clue and that it is a shape poem. Can they name the kite’s shape? Listen to and follow the poem on the poster or screen, helping children to read the text, particularly in the tail of the kite. Explain any unfamiliar words.

‘The Dragon Kite’ by Brenda Williams

Read this shape poem from the Poster or play the audio recording from the Audio poster the kite struggles to break free from the line that anchors it to the kite flyer. Dancing in the wind, it draws shapes of curves, curls, spirals and circles.


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