Poetry activities for World Poetry Day

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By Paul Cooksonpoet

This World Poetry Day inspire your class to write their own poems with these fun activities


Love Poem for Books – a simple, favourite poem that just says how magical books and stories can be – where they can take us and how they make us feel.
Words – this came from a list of things that words and poems can do. I really like the tight structure and rhythm here and it works best when you emphasise the rhythm and rhyme.
Sea Shoals See Shows on The Sea Bed – one of my personal favourites over the years, particularly because of the rhythms and wordplay involved. In fact, it probably took me longer to learn it than to write it!

You can use these poems as starting points for writing your own poems!

Photo © Julie Dawn Thomas

Download the audio for each of Paul’s poems, read aloud by Paul himself: ‘Love Poem for Books’ , ‘Words part 1’ , ‘Words part 2’ and ‘Sea Shoals See Shows on The Sea Bed’ .

Love Poem for Books

Discuss their favourite authors and favourite books with your class. Ask them who they like, why they like them, what they like best, what they look forward to when reading them, and so on. Write the answers down on the board if this helps.

Then, get the children to choose their own personal favourite author or book (it would probably be better if they chose one book – but see how it goes) and say what they like best about them. Ask them to go into detail about their favourite scene, character, description, and so on.

Now, get them to imagine that they are writing a letter to the book. For example:

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