Number balls

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By Anthony DavidHead of Highgate Children’s Centre

Practise times tables with the first in our exciting new series of Star Maths Games, that offer rich learning opportunities through fun and easy-to-use resources

Interactive maths

Don’t forget to download the addictive ‘Number balls’ interactive game that will improve your class’ knowledge of the times tables two to ten.

Increasingly maths, unlike its partner core curriculum subjects, is becoming an isolated activity. Both the Cambridge Primary Review and Primary Curriculum Review suggest that it should remain an independent subject. While there is a good argument for this, the reality is that maths, more than most subjects, has the potential for real-life application. It is when maths is translated into real terms that it suddenly moves from theoretical understanding to one of useful application. Learning the time, for example, is quite tricky if there is no particular focus other than the mechanics of learning. However, if you place this classroom objective into a real-life situation, such as marking break times during the day, then children understand the purpose of the activity and give it due consideration.

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  1. slushi
    on 31 August 2010

    Number balls

    Oh I love it! Thank you.

  2. Lydia @ Scholastic
    on 23 March 2010


    Hi @jbates22,

    The content is available for you to use with any of your classes, so you’re fine to upload it to a VLE. Please do not add it to your website or make it accessible to anyone outwith the school though.

    Kind regards, Lydia@Scholastic

  3. jbates22
    on 12 March 2010

    Can this be shared?

    A great game but what is the copyright situation ? How can children use it at home? Can it be put onto a school web site or a learning platform?? More info needed.