A dinosaur extravaganza!

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By Nina Filipekprimary supply teacher and writer

Watch out, there’s a triceratops about! Children will love these 3D paper projects and cross-curricular activities

Triceratops © Laszlo Veres/Beehive Illustration

Dinosaurs are always a hit with young children. The fascinating history of how they lived and the mystery of how they died out make for a topic that will have everyone gripped. In this bone-trembling creative project, we focus on the triceratops and show you how to make a terrific mask. The other activities will inspire your children to find out about the habits of this amazing dinosaur.


  1. Name that dinosaur
  2. What’s on the menu?
  3. 2D triceratops mask
  4. Make a 3D triceratops mask
  5. Make a tyrannosaurus pop-up card
  6. Dinosaur pairs – literacy
  7. All dinosaurs great and small – literacy
  8. Size and scale – numeracy
  9. Dinosaur numbers – numeracy
  10. Dinosaur spelling and counting – literacy and numeracy
  11. Extinction – PE or circle time
  12. Dinosaur dusk – art and design
  13. Dinosaur board game – D&T
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