Poetry activities for pancake day

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By Paul Cooksonpoet

Inspire your class to write their own Pancake Day poems with these tips and ideas

Girls with a plate of pancakes

If you don’t fancy cooking in the classroom this Shrove Tuesday (16 February), then why not celebrate with some pancake-themed poetry? Here are three simple ‘recipes’ for creating effective poems that children will really enjoy writing. Whichever idea you use, I think the main thing is to try and make them fun. Concentrate on the enjoyment… and look at the form and genre later!

Don’t forget…


Photo © Julie Dawn Thomas

To share Paul’s fantastic poem, ‘Don’t Let Gran Near the Pancake Pan’, with your class. It is available to download as an audio – read aloud by Paul himself!


  1. Repeating lines
  2. Poems as lists
  3. Poems as cartoons

1. Repeating lines

In my own poem, ‘Don’t Let Gran Near the Pancake Pan,’ I used a repeating line as the last line of each verse – and this could be a fun idea to try with your class. (I also used rhyme, but tell the children that they shouldn’t worry too much about the rhymes – they should think more about the rhythm and beat and sound of the words.)

Here are a few suggestions for possible repeating lines:

1. When the kitchen set on fire

2. When mum lost the frying pan

3. When brother ate up 20 pancakes

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  1. Don`t know
    on 7 February 2010


    I shall use this with my six year olds after our annual pancake making session & pancake races! Many Thanks for such lively poetry ideas.