Noddy’s Paint It! Game

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Paint a picture of Noddy – without using any paint or paintbrushes! Pre-schoolers will love this fun activity. Point out the different functions, including how they can mix different coloured paints by clicking on two colours and pressing the ‘mix’ button. Great for developing their mouse control and fine motor skills. TM Enid Blyton Limited (a Chorion company). All rights reserved.

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  1. Jonathan Fernandez
    on 24 July 2014

    noddy paint it! game

    I like noddy paint it game present i want

  2. syeda rummana amer
    on 28 April 2014


    he is cuteeee

  3. luqman sanaullah khan
    on 24 April 2014

    i like u noddy

    awwwwwwn he is so cute and helpful to others

  4. Emaan
    on 5 April 2014

    Hi my name is emaan

    This is the best painting game but it is not working on my device !!!!!!....
    Wish I could play this game noddy love you !!!!!!

  5. syeda rummana amer
    on 5 June 2013

    couloring noddy

    i love u noddy

  6. syeda zaina amer
    on 2 June 2013

    couloring noddy

    i like noddy

  7. bryson
    on 14 December 2011


    I liked noddy when I was 1 and now i'm 7

  8. gautham
    on 28 October 2011


    nice games

  9. Chris Thhompson
    on 2 October 2011

    Noddy's paint it game

    an excellent way to use ICT with young children. Going to use it in my ICT club.