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By Fred Sedgwickpoet, former headteacher and author

Fred Sedgwick provides six inspirational assembly ideas to give children the best start to their school day

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The assemblies in this article are adapted from 100 ideas for Primary Assemblies by Fred Sedgwick (Continuum, PB £9.99). Visit to order a copy.

What is an assembly? Good question. But first, what isn’t an assembly? Or at least, what shouldn’t it be? An assembly is not, or it shouldn’t be, a hymn, a prayer and a chance to tell the children off; a 20-minute chance for notices, or a run-through of a class’ attempt at hitting a National Curriculum target (First child: ‘We’ve been learning about sieving’. Second child: ‘We’ve been learning about sieving’ – and so on to the 27th child).

An assembly is an opportunity to make it clear to everyone that they are part of a learning community; to celebrate and, sometimes, to console, and to offer chances to meet the unseen. A good assembly opens a window on what (because we are all busy) we are often blind to – the light that is inside every one of us.

This article includes six of my ideas for assemblies based on different themes. I hope you, and the children in your school, enjoy them.

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