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By Damian Kelleher — Freelance journalist and children’s publishing consultant

For some roaring-good dinosaur reads, look no further than these little gems, says Damian Kelleher


Dinosaurium by Carey Scott (Dorling Kindersley, ISBN 1405326441)

From its lenticular dinosaur-eye cover, there’s something terrifying about the Dinosaurium – and it’s not just its size! Open up this huge book with its cardboard pages and inside you’ll discover no less than ten mini books just waiting to be explored. These detail everything – from comic-strip adventures covering the story of dinosaurs from egg to extinction, through to a miniscule manual called ‘Dino Dinners’ that takes a closer look at dinosaur diets. Most of the mini books have Velcro backings, so they slot back neatly into place after use. Although be warned: some of the books are so tiny that they may end up lost. Children will find the ‘book within a book’ format a novel idea (excuse the pun!), and have lots of fun exploring, and once they get over the novelty there’s still plenty of well-researched information. Still, at £19.99, it’s not the cheapest choice.

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