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By Sue Cowleyeducational author, presenter and trainer

Practical activities are a great way for staff to bond and learn to support each other. Sue Cowley suggests some fun ideas for successful team building

Move the chair

1. Move the chair

This works well as a starter activity. It encourages teamwork, cooperation and lateral thinking. Work in teams of three or four. Give each group a chair. The objective is to move the chair from one side of a room to the other. You must not walk with it, but you can move it in any way you like. For example, some staff might pass it along a line, others might choose to slide it. The first team to get the chair across the room is the winner.

Another activity similar to ‘Move the chair’ is ‘A to B’. It encourages group discussion and lateral thinking. Work in small groups, each with one chair. The groups must cross the room without their feet touching the floor. Many people assume they must use the chair. In fact, the best way to win is to shuffle across on your knees, leaving the chair behind!

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