Festival facts: Milad al-Nabi

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By Louise Tellamteacher and freelance writer

Celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammed on this special day


What is Milad al-Nabi?

Milad al-Nabi (Mawlid, Mawlid an-Nabi or Meelad al-Nabi) is the celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims use the lunar calendar to record their years, so according to the Western calendar, which is based on the solar year, the date of the celebration varies from year to year. Not long after the death of the Prophet there was a disagreement about who should lead the growing group of Muslims and this caused them to split into two groups, the larger Sunnis and the smaller Shi’ias. They celebrate Milad al-Nabi on different days, the 12th and 17th days of the month of Rabi’-ul-Awwal respectively.

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