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As food enters our mouth it takes an adventurous journey south! Read the poem, Munch on your lunch, as a basis for writing adventure stories

We may not give it much thought as we munch our way through the contents of our lunch box but, as we do so, we are launching our food on an eventful journey. As food moves through our body, it is subjected to an onslaught of attacks down the throat, in the stomach and by the large intestine. A poem about the movement of food through the digestive tract can be a useful starting point for encouraging children to write an action-packed adventure story. Use the poem as a framework for describing and sequencing key events. It offers plenty of opportunities to explore descriptive, expressive language. It’s an amusing way to investigate the treatment of stock characters, in particular action heroes in fiction, such as Spider-man, and can be used as a trigger for the writing of parody. (See activity sheets From my mouth going south and My food’s going south for differentiated poems.)

Ages 7-9

Food in action

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