Digraphs: Fun with letters

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Help cover Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds using activity sheets and interactive resources taken from Scholastic’s Literacy Skills books

Scholastic Spelling - Literacy skills years 1-2

Objectives: To learn some new grapheme-phoneme correspondences. To use ‘sound talk’ and segment words for spelling. To recognise, learn and apply some consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs.

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  1. Nycki
    on 17 April 2010

    Where is it?

    Noticing the article in the magazine I searched the back issue for may 09. Had to find it by putting the title in search. Often I stumble on good resources by accident. Your search facility is rather poor.

  2. Paula @scholastic
    on 19 March 2010


    Thanks for highlighting that issue. It wasn't you it was us!

    We've fixed now. Let us know if you have any more issues.

  3. findus_jackson
    on 19 March 2010


    I can't open this, I get a dialogue box saying www5.scholastic-dev.co.uk needs to authenticate my username and password. When I enter them it denies me access. Does anyone else have this problem?