Creating a one-off play

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By Deborah Sharpeeducation writer

A school play gives the whole class the chance to work together to produce something that culminates in something of an occasion. When the curtain call takes place and everyone is bowing and beaming, everyone shares the praise

Children dressed up

Even more satisfaction can result if the class creates the play together because children engage with the story more readily, and may even create the character they play. The process will involve key skills such as negotiation, working together, storytelling and creativity.

Warming up

Some warm-up exercises will get their creativity flowing. Ask children to think of a character that they would like to be. Ask: What do they look like, what is their voice like, how do they move? What is their favourite food and drink? Do they work or are they at school? Are they a human, an animal, or something else?

Then, ask them to think of something that has happened in their character’s past. How has it affected them? What about the present and the future? Let them share their ideas.

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  1. Matthew Harper
    on 9 December 2010


    I have used this writer's ideas before and each time it seems to add another dimension to class activities.
    The ideas are creative, inspiring and lend themselves to children of all abilities.
    More please!!!