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Dance Equation

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By Rebecca HartDirector of Dance Equation

Introduce a fun and physical way of teaching maths in schools – a wonderful way to bring the numeracy curriculum alive!


Photograph © Dance Equation

Dance Equation is a pioneering Dance Company that has been researching the collaboration of maths and dance for more than seven years. The company works with dancers, teachers and children to research ways of bringing the numeracy curriculum alive through dance and theatre, promoting creative learning and encouraging everyone to be active. In this article, Rebecca Hart, Director of Dance Equation, shares the advantages of this innovative approach to maths, and provides a taster of some of Dance Equation’s activities. You will find details of their fantastic workshops at the end of this article.

‘I’ve found that combining dance and maths is a great way for children to reinforce mathematical concepts through kinaesthetic learning. Mathematical concepts are also a fantastic stimulus for creating movement,’ explains Rebecca.

‘As a choreographer, I love experimenting with pattern, space, structure and time, and find similar satisfaction when investigating something maths. I’ve found this especially useful in schools, as a way of making maths creative, fun and physical. Research from an independent specialist suggests that using bodies to explore mathematical concepts helps children to learn in various ways. They:

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  1. Andrew Waqrren
    on 22 September 2010

    Great Company

    We booked a Dance Equation performance and workshops for our school last year – they were fantastic! Very inspirational content, a lasting effect on the whole school…