Fun with felt: Monster makers

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By Jane Bowerconsultant in art, drama, dance and literacy

See life from a monster’s point of view with these inspiring felt design activities


  1. Beginner: Monster’s den
  2. Intermediate: Monster’s bag
  3. Advanced: Monster’s decision maker
  4. Using the creations
Monster's den

1. Beginner: Monster’s den

You will need: felt in suitable colours; paper or card; paint; paintbrushes; scissors; glue.

What to do

  • Discuss where a monster might live, such as in a cave, a castle, an underground tunnel or a purpose-built house. Ask: What would the monster need to keep there? (Food, things to frighten people, treasure.)
  • Tell the children that they are going to make a monster’s den. Let them choose a paper background and cut it to shape for their monster’s home. Next, help them to mix paints and choose felt to add to the décor.
  • Ask the children to paint their dens, leaving a central space blank to add their monster’s possessions afterwards.
  • When dry, invite the children to add felt or other materials for added texture, and encourage them to use 3D ways to apply the felt.
  • Next, tell the children to cut out felt flaps to conceal their monster’s possessions. Invite discussion about what size and shape flaps should be cut. Stiffen the backs of the flaps with paper or card before attaching them with glue.
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