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Space day

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By Peter Rileyauthor of Scholastic’s Hot Topics series

Last year we offered you the chance to win a topic day. Now get ready for blast-off with the winning school’s space exploration


Having won the Child Education PLUS Hot Topic Day competition, Sebert Wood Community Primary School in Suffolk challenged me to create a Hot Topic Space Day for their two Year 1 classes. I began liaising with them on a structure for the day while they worked out a plan to group their 60 children for the different events, so everybody got a chance to fully take part in both the explorations and investigations.

Almost all children have an interest in space, and through television, films, books and comics, so the first activity was to bring everyone together for a question and answer session to sort the children’s ideas into an order for exploration – stars, planets, space travel and aliens!

Shining stars

The children split into three groups to investigate stars, moving around the activities in their classrooms and activity area. In the first session they learned that stars could be different colours. They experimented with the idea by shining torches on the darkened ceiling covered with red, blue or yellow cellophane filters. They then got together in small groups and shone their torches to make constellations. A particular favourite was a wavy line they decided was a snake. After this everyone made their own constellations with sticky stars on black paper, challenging their friends to identify them. Rockets and dogs seemed popular.

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