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By Sally Grayearly years teacher and writer

Ten simple activities to get the children active

Simon says...

1 Simon Says…

Communication, Language and Literacy

Play ‘Simon Says’. Ask the children to listen to your instructions and only follow them when you say ‘Simon Says…’. Make your suggestions active, such as ‘Simon Says jump up and down’; ‘Simon Says skip to the door’, ‘Simon Says hop on one leg’, Simon says turn around’, Simon Says wave your hands in the air’ and so on. However, if you just say ‘jump’, without first saying ‘Simon says’, the children should not jump and carry on doing the current activity.

I climbed the ladder

2 I climbed the ladder

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Encourage the children to be aware of their own levels of activity. Create an activity chart that includes the children’s names down one side, with suggestions for active pursuits along the top of the chart. Provide words and pictures of activities such as riding a bike, skipping, climbing, digging in the sand and so on. Invite the children to tick the chart in the relevant box when they have spent some time taking part in a particular activity.

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