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By Robert WattsCo-editor of Teaching Art and Design 3-11 (Continuum Books) and Programme Convener for the MA in Art, Craft and Design Education at Roehampton University

National Design and Technology Week is from 22-26 June. Robert Watts suggests five creative activities to provide a focus for your class…

D&T week 3d book

Monday: Spiral spinning snake

This simple activity creates some interesting and colourful effects.

You will need: card of various colours and sizes; ready-mixed paint; scissors; pencils; paper.

  • Trace around a circular object onto a piece of card.
  • Find the centre of the circle (by measuring or folding), and make a small hole with a pencil.
  • Starting at the centre of the circle, carefully squeeze paint straight from the tube to the edge in a snaking spiral shape (or use a brush if this is too tricky). You can also add a pair of eyes or a pattern.
  • Decide whether to use a second colour or to take a monoprint at this stage (see Extension, below).
  • Place a pencil through the hole in the centre of the circle, so that the circle becomes a spinning top.


  • While the paint on the card is still wet, make some monoprints by placing a sheet of paper over the circle and gently smooth it down. Pull the paper away carefully to reveal the impression.
  • Experiment with tracing around different shapes – a hexagon or octagon could double up as a number spinner for maths lessons.
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