Giant art 1: cardboard creation

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By Robert Wattsco-editor of Teaching Art and Design 3-11 (Continuum Books) and Programme Convener for the MA Art, Craft and Design Education at Roehampton University

Banish A4 paper in art lessons and embrace something larger – much larger

Giant art

Warning! Teachers should be aware that there is something hidden in their classrooms, intent on preventing children from expressing their individuality and developing their creativity. What is it? It’s a sheet of A4 paper. Visit any gallery and you’ll immediately be aware of the great diversity of artists’ work – imagine if every painting and sculpture were the same size! By restricting the scale of children’s artwork, we also restrict their ideas.

This is the first in a series of three projects aimed at inspiring children to work on large-scale art and design projects using familiar, durable (and cheap) materials. Each activity offers opportunities for collaborative work, as children create expanding artworks in two and three dimensions. And once they see the results of their collaborations displayed around the school, you might find that your young artists never look at a sheet of A4 paper again…

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