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Great reads for World Book Day

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By Helen Watts – Editor, Literacy Time PLUS and Rebecca Wallis – Assistant Editor, Literacy Time PLUS

World Book Day is the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in the UK and Ireland. To help you join in the fun, the Literacy Time PLUS team has chosen five great reads for you to share with your children.


The five books featured here have been chosen because they lend themselves particularly well to discussion and creative classroom activities.

The Game

Diana Wynne Jones

(Harper Collins, 978 00072 63790)

Hayley has been brought up by her grandparents. Her Grandma is extremely strict, while Grandpa is always beavering away at his computer studying the mysterious Mythosphere. One day he gives Hayley a glimpse of this forbidden magical world – a world with which she will soon become far more familiar.

When Grandma can’t cope with Hayley any longer, she sends her to Ireland to live with her cousins. They introduce her to ‘the game’, which involves adventures in the forbidden Mythosphere among characters from Greek myth and ancient folklore. Hayley is about to discover the truth about her rather extraordinary family.

A mesmerising, magical story which will intrigue and delight the children.

Activity ideas

  • What would it be like to be packed off to another country to live with family you hardly know? Write a diary entry describing your first impressions of your new home.
  • ‘The game’ Hayley plays involves instruction cards – eg, ‘Fetch a golden apple from the orchard of Hesperides’. Invent board games set in a mythological world, with instruction cards and forfeits – eg, You meet a minotaur. Go back 3 spaces.
  • Find out more about the constellations and the mythological characters they are linked to.
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