Thinking skills – circle time games

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By Jenny Mosley, Director of the Whole-School Quality Circle Time Consultancy.

A fun set of circle games to boost children’s confidence and thinking skills.

Fact or opinion?

You will need

An assorted collection of coloured shapes and objects (see example below).

What to do

Hold up a red plastic circle. Tell the children that you are going to say three things about the circle. ‘This circle is red (fact). This circle is made from plastic (fact). Red is my favourite colour. It is the best colour (opinion).’

You can then ask for a show of hands. ‘Who agrees that this circle is red?’ (It is a fact so everybody should agree.) ‘Who agrees that it is made from plastic?’ (This is also a fact so everyone should put up their hand.) ‘Who agrees that red is the best colour?’ Talk about the difference between fact and opinion. Repeat, using other objects.

As an extension, ask the children to find an object and state/write two facts about it and then add an opinion. For example: ‘These shoes belong to me. My shoes are brown. I don’t like them.’

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