Rhyme – circle time games

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By Jillian Harker, a teacher and freelance writer

Explore the power of rhyme with these delightful circle games.

Share a chair

You will need

A set of cards displaying a rhyming word (see below).

What to do

Go round the group, giving each child a word card showing one of the rhyming words shown in Figure 1 below.

Now invite each child to present their word to the others in the following way:

  • My word is _.
  • Where is my rhyme?
  • Who will share my chair this time?

The child with the rhyming word must stand up and say that word. The two children then swap chairs. When all the rhymes have been found, try introducing new words or swap round the cards to play the game again.

cat/fat      fan/ran   lid/rid

gum/sum      leg/peg   stop/shop
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