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Ants or grasshoppers?

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By Sara Wernhamco-author of Jolly Learning

Do you know the story of the Ants and the Grasshopper?

The one where the grasshopper fiddles and plays all summer long, while laughing at the ants out collecting food and preparing for winter. Then come winter, the poor old grasshopper realises that he is woefully ill-prepared, and is saved by the ants who take him in.

What has this to do with anything? Well the children starting some schools at the moment put me in mind of the grasshopper.

They ‘play’ and ‘fiddle’ all Reception (or, I should say, Early Years) long and then find they are woefully ill prepared for the next stage of their school lives.

If I am ever bold enough to mention this I am often told that the problem is not that the Early Years leaves them without the skills and knowledge they need for Year 1 onwards, but that the curriculum in Year 1 is too difficult and should be more like the EYFS.

This argument will presumably be used against the curriculum in Year 2 and in all subsequent years. Therefore by logical extension, I look forward to the ‘play based’ History GCSE, or for Maths, Geography or Physics etc.

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