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By Jenny Morriswriter and teacher who has run her own nursery school

Explore the diversity of reading and writing; scripts, television and film, which we celebrate with a favourite children’s character, Noddy

Noddy on the Move

Noddy on the Move

Noddy thinks his life is boring, so he decides to move house. However, he doesn’t move house in the traditional sense, but literally moves it on wheels!

First, he puts his house next door to Tessie Bear, but her chickens invade it. He moves on to be next door to Mr Sparks, but it is very noisy and he is in the way. Noddy goes to the Town Square, but there is so much going on that he feels crowded out. Finally, Big-Ears suggests a perfect place to live, where he won’t be in anyone’s way and where it is very peaceful. Noddy ends up in exactly the same place where he has always lived – ‘the best place in the world’.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • When Noddy said that he was moving house, Master Tubby Bear was very upset. Talk with the children about how upsetting it is to leave friends behind when moving house.
  • Mr Sparks is good at fixing things. Talk about the kind of things that need fixing in a house and ask who fixes these in the children’s family.
  • Noddy said that it was ‘boring’ where he lived because nothing exciting ever happened. When do the children feel bored and fed up? What kind of activities do they find exciting?
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