How stressed are you?

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Take this quiz to find out how stressed you are as an early years practitioner


For each scenario, decide whether you would choose option a, b or c. At the end, count up how many a, b and c’s you have and find out how stressed you really are!

1) When it comes to your workload, do you feel that:

a) You are constantly desperately trying to get everything done in time and never feel like you can pause between tasks.

b) You have a lot to do but you know you’ll probably get it all done in the end – it all seems to work out somehow!

c) Although there’s a lot to do, you feel like you manage to spread out your workload so there’s never a big rush.

2) Someone interrupts you as you are doing important paperwork. Do you:

a) Become very impatient and abrupt – and probably bite their head off. People should know by now that you don’t take kindly to being interrupted!

b) Feel frustrated and wearily deal with the enquiry, all the while wondering how you’ll ever get that paperwork done on time.

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