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By Jane Bower — _consultant in art, drama, dance and literacy.

In the last in the series, Jane Bower provides four small story-themed projects to offer links with science and PSHE

Three Bears’ porridge bowls

My Year 1s and 2s loved this project, which offers lots of links with heat and materials.

You will need: clay (buff stoneware is suggested); glazes; brushes; porridge oats; milk; water; sugar; spoons; stove and pan or microwave and bowl.

Each child should make three thumb pots from clay, varying in size for Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear. Allow to dry, then fire. (If you have no kiln, do as I did and use a local potter or your nearest secondary school or college.) Show the children the change this has made to the bowls. Paint the glaze on the bowls and fire again – now your bowls will be fully fired and glazed ceramic.

Wizard peg

Make porridge with the children and spoon it into their three bowls. Invite them to work out which will cool first before eating the contents! (We found that the story was wrong – Daddy Bear’s porridge cooled first because his bowl was the widest.)

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