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Eco-island: Silverleaf Forest activity 1

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Make homemade paper in a variety of styles and colours.

Keystage 1

Curriculum links: Art & design 2a-c. Sc4 2a.

What to do: Collect together lots of used paper – sheets that would normally just end up in the bin. Add some coloured paper to it, such as scraps of crêpe paper, tissue paper, kitchen roll and so on. This will all be recycled to make your handmade paper. You will also need: two wooden photo frames (the same size), a piece of window screening (or aluminium net used to mend cars), duct tape, a piece of felt, a blender, a sponge, and a tub or washing-up bowl. Finally collect some flower petals, bits of fabric, ribbon – any little treasures that can be added to the paper.

Pulp in tub
1. Rip up your paper into small pieces and place in a blender until half full. Then pour warm water into the blender (about two thirds full) and blend for around 40 seconds until a smooth pulp forms. Fill your tub half full with water and then add at least three blender’s full of pulp. Finally add dried flowers or other bits and pieces.
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