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By Huw Thomasheadteacher and writer

... be prepared to encounter some shady characters in the mysterious Shadow Forest

Shadow Forest

Shadow Forest by Matt Haig

When brother and sister, Samuel and Martha Blink, suffer a family tragedy, they suddenly find themselves plunged into two alien environments. The first is their new home in Norway, the second is the amazing Shadow Forest that lies nearby. As the story progresses, the reader not only meets, but gains insight into, the Changemaker – the evil ruler of the Shadow Forest. We also witness Samuel, the hero of the story, encounter an array of bizarre creatures throughout the numerous twists in this tale.

Shadow Forest by Matt Haig (Corgi, £5.99 PB) is essentially a horror story for children. However, although it takes some of the classic elements of the horror genre, it does so in a clever child-friendly manner. Given the fact that in today’s society, children are sometimes watching some quite disturbing fare, this halfway house provides a good playground for them to explore the ways in which such stories work.

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