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By Jenny Morriswriter and teacher

Original article published on 7 Jul 2008

Peppa Pig’s Sports Day is an ideal book to share with younger children

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig’s Sports Day

There is a running race to see who can run the fastest; a long jump event to find out who can jump the furthest and a relay race which is all about teamwork. Not everyone can win and Peppa and George are not happy about this. ‘It’s not the winning that matters,’ Daddy Pig reminds them, ‘but the taking part.’ However, when the tug of war rope breaks, it’s a draw and everyone’s a winner!

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • There are two shelter tents on Peppa’s sports field. Talk with the children about the need to shelter from too much sun or rain when they are taking part in outdoor activities.
  • George was upset that he didn’t jump as far as Richard Rabbit in the long jump competition. Discuss what sorts of things upset the children?
  • Daddy Pig told Peppa to ‘Stop talking and run!’ because he wanted her to concentrate. Talk with the children about times when they should not talk because they need to concentrate, such as crossing a road.
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