Looking after ourselves

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Teach children about why it is important to keep ourselves clean and healthy.

looking after ourselves

Looking after ourselves

What to do:

Use the set of pictures in the slideshow to show different scenarios that challenge health, wellbeing and/or comfort, and gather a basket of matching objects that will help to solve the health/wellbeing problem. For example, picture one is of rainy weather, this could be paired with a real pair of wellies; picture two shows a child eating sweets, this could be paired with a real toothbrush; picture three shows a crying child, this could be paired with a real teddy.

Working with a small group, choose a print out of one of the pictures such as ‘the rainy day’. Talk about being out in rainy weather, getting cold and wet and how we can prevent this from happening by wearing wellies and using an umbrella. Ask the children to choose items from the basket to go with the picture (the wellies) and place them side by side on a floor mat. Continue with other pictures and objects for as long as the children are interested.

All the pictures and potential matching objects are listed in the below box. If you do not have the appropriate items then children can guess the item that is needed and check it is correct by looking at the corresponding picture on the slideshow.

Pictures and objects
  • Rainy day/wellies
  • Child eating sweets/toothbrush
  • Crying child/teddy bear
  • Dirty hands/soap
  • Wet child/towel
  • Cold day/ mittens
  • Sunny day/bottle of sunscreen
  • Dirty plates/washing-up liquid
  • Sleepy child/pajamas
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