Speaking and listening

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By Fiona Freerprimary teacher, Devon

Simple games to help improve children’s memory and communication skills


1. The Grand Duke’s Banquet

You will need: a piece of card for each child; pencils and crayons.

Sit in a circle. Tell the children that the Grand Duke is planning a huge, sumptuous banquet. The food will have to be very splendid indeed – what dishes would they suggest?

Explain that you are going to play a game during which they will have to listen very carefully to each other. The child who starts the game must say, ‘The Grand Duke is having a banquet and the guests are eating…’. The child must then add their suggestion. The next child in the circle must repeat the whole sentence, listing the other child’s dish and then their own. How far round the circle can they manage to go before they need prompting? If the list gets too long, start a new one.

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