Our expanding world – circle time games

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By Jane Bowerspecialist in art, drama and dance

Open children’s eyes to the wider world with these fun circle games

Children are, by their very nature, egocentric – their concerns are primarily their own, and their immediate surroundings are their whole world. The following activities provide a stepped approach, to get children to move from thinking about themselves, to considering their families, their community and finally their country – widening their perspective at each stage.

1. Myself


Begin with a simple game to demonstrate that everyone has an individual identity, personal tastes and preferences. Children must first think of their favourite colour and one favourite food, keeping them secretly in their minds. All children then walk around the room in any direction. When they meet someone else, they must stop and exchange the information, beginning with their name, then their colour, then their food, so that the exchange might be: ‘Emma blue chips’, ‘Oliver red cheese’ and so on. After a time bring the children back to sit in a circle. Taking each child in turn, ask for a volunteer in the circle to remember that child’s name, colour and food.

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