Homes – speaking and listening ideas

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By Jane Bower a specialist primary teacher in art, drama and dance

Give your QCA Unit on Homes a spring clean with these fresh, invigorating speaking and listening ideas


History sessions are a great opportunity to introduce drama and role-play into your classroom – not only to help children to empathise with characters and events, but also to present them with new ways of approaching their history work. The following activities link to QCA Unit 2 Homes, but can easily be linked to other units (such as Seaside holidays or the Great Fire of London).

1. Interpretation

Prepare a large copy of the five sentence script below, so that all the children can refer to it as they work. I find that a whole-class version is better than giving each child an individual copy of the script, as this often inhibits their work and movement. The aim is that by the time they have finished working they should be able to say it from memory.

A Let me come home with you.

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