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Dicing with digits

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By Thelma Page a freelance education writer and retired teacher.

Quick and easy dice games to occupy early finishers or fill a few spare minutes


Three’s company (Reception)

Objective: recognise numbers 1-3.

You will need: a dice numbered 1-3.

  • Think of three actions that children could do and assign a number to them. For example: 1 means ‘put one hand in the air’. 2 means ‘clap your hands together’ and 3 means ‘show me three fingers’.
  • With the children sitting in a circle, take it in turns to roll the dice. Ask the child who rolled the dice to say the number. Then everyone does the action. Hidden number (Y1)
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  1. Mags99
    on 21 March 2010

    Useful Ideas for Infant maths

    These activities are good ways to get the children to practise what they’ve learned in a motivating ways, and they are simple to set up.

    Thank you”!

    5out of 5